Sejal Kamdar weaves a tapestry of Ajrakh textiles at Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI

Eponymous designer Sejal Kamdar presented a marine inspired collection titled ‘Costal Whispers’ at Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI in Mumbai and highlighted traditional Ajrakh textiles, patchwork, and other handicraft techniques. 

A marine inspired look by Sejal Kamdar on the runway in Mumbai – Lakmé Fashion Week- Facebook

The Sejal Kamdar runway show was designed to fuse traditional and modern styles to create wearable textile art, Lakmé Fashion Week announced in a press release. The collection had a colour scheme of blues, purples, and pinks and featured corsets, tunics, and jumpsuits inspired by the rolling waves of the sea.
“I am thrilled to be here at Lakmē Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI presented by One Infinite, to share the timeless beauty of Ajrakh,” said designer Sejal Kamdar in a press release. “In a world where fast fashion often obscures the stories behind our garments, Ajrakh stands as a poignant reminder of the artistry, culture, and soul woven into every thread. It is a symbol of heritage, resonating with generations and preserving the rich traditions of our past.”

Lakmé Fashion Week ran from March 13 to 17 at Mumbai’ Jio World Convention Centre. The fashion week featured runway shows for brands including Rahul Mishra, Deme by Gabriella, and Valliyan among others as well as panel discussions and design contests. 

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