Spring Branch ISD police release image of suspicious vehicle following students

Community on high alert as SBISD Police release photo of vehicle involved in disturbing student encounter – Urgent appeal for information

The Spring Branch Independent School District Police have released a photo capturing the image of anear Wilchester Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the SBISD notification sent out to the community, a man driving an older model white Corvette approached students who were playing at their campus playground. Quick thinking on the part of the students averted a potential disaster as they ran away promptly when the individual beckoned them to get into his car.

The nerve-wracking incident unfolded in the 13000 block of Myrtlea, raising concerns among parents and school officials alike. The SBISD Police, in collaboration with a vigilant bus driver, managed to piece together crucial details that could aid in resolving this unsettling case.

A quick-witted SBISD bus driver, having received the district’s safety alert, recalled a vehicle of similar description making a suspicious U-turn in front of their bus near Wilchester Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon. After cross-referencing with the students involved, SBISD Police have confirmed that this is indeed the same car that trailed the students.

The image, extracted from the bus’s video footage, provides a clear snapshot of the white Corvette in question. Authorities are now urging anyone with information about the vehicle or the individual behind the wheel to come forward and assist in their investigation.

Community members are strongly encouraged to contact the Spring Branch ISD Police at 713.984.9805 if they have any information that could shed light on this disturbing incident.

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