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U.S. Army says Ukraine funding vital as it’s “running out of money” fast for operations in Europe

Northeast Poland — While the U.S. Congress wrestles over the $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, the U.S. Army in Europe tells CBS News that if the money isn’t approved by American lawmakers soon, it could go broke. “We are running out of money,” Col. Martin O’Donnell, spokesperson for the U.S. Army’s combined Europe and Africa…

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Despite Bans, Disabled Women Are Still Being Sterilized in Europe

Decisions like these, involving people who almost certainly cannot give express consent, hang over the sterilization debate. Katrin Langensiepen, a German politician and one of the few visibly disabled members of the European Parliament, is pushing for a strict Europewide ban on nonconsensual sterilization. Many of history’s notorious eugenics practices, she said, were justified as…

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HSBC spinoff: Bank’s top execs face tense shareholders in Hong Kong calling for a breakup

Hong Kong CNN  —  HSBC’s top brass defended their strategy Monday to frustrated shareholders in the lender’s largest market, as Europe’s biggest bank continued to face calls to be split up. At an informal shareholder meeting in Hong Kong, Chairman Mark Tucker and CEO Noel Quinn took questions from investors on issues ranging from how…

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