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Researchers found a new species in the waters off of the U.K. — but they didn’t realize it at first

A new species of sea slug has been discovered off the waters of the U.K. Researchers with Centre for the Environment, Food and Aquaculture Science said they originally thought it was a well-known species, Pleurobranchaea meckeli, found near Spain and the Mediterranean Sea – but they weren’t sure. There were no previous records of this type…

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Migratory species at risk worldwide, with a-fifth in danger of extinction, landmark U.N. report says

From African elephants searching for water, to turtles crossing seas to nest, to albatrosses on their ocean-spanning searches for food, the world’s migratory species are under threat across the planet, according to a landmark report Monday. The first-ever State of the World’s Migratory Species assessment, which focusses on the 1,189 species covered by the U.N….

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World’s first rhino IVF pregnancy could save species that has only 2 living animals remaining

There are just two northern white rhinos left in the entire world – and they’re both female. But now, their species has a chance at survival, as researchers have for the first time achieved an IVF rhino pregnancy. BioRescue Project, a reproduction technology nonprofit focused on saving threatened species, announced on Wednesday that the company…

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