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Taurus Weekly Horoscope WEEK OF January 29 – February 4, 2024

Disruptive Uranus has been shaking things up in your sign and first house of self for a few years already. But every now and then, the unpredictable planet teams up with another celestial heavyweight to issue you a direct challenge to stretch out of your comfort zone. That’s the case this Monday, January 29, when the side-spinning planet forms a harmonious—and highly activating—trine with fearless Mars in Capricorn and your ninth house of adventure and expansion. This cosmic combo will support you in taking some (calculated) risks to help you navigate out of your cozy cocoon and step up to the thrill of meeting a self-imposed double dare. What would happen if you just said yes to the first exciting if slightly scary invitation, like going out of town for a day or on a date you haven’t thoroughly vetted? It might FEEL like you’re about to jump out of a plane without a parachute, but Taurus can be such a creature of habit that what feels run-of-the-mill to other folks CAN feel like skydiving to you.

If you can work from home—or already do—consider expanding your definition of “remotely,” say, from someplace with sandy beaches or white-powder slopes. Some Bulls might actually seriously explore the possibility of joining the ranks of the digital nomads. This is also a great time for an unplanned getaway—romantic or otherwise. But that comes with a couple caveats: First, if you’re going with someone, make sure to invite a like-minded soul to make things more fun—and avoid babysitting. Second, if you plan to travel with a love interest, discuss your mutual needs and preferences so there are no unhappy surprises along the way. Even a weekend road trip can infuse fresh blood into relationships that have gotten a little TOO familiar. Closer to home, anything that promises to expand your worldview or understanding of other cultures would be a plus now. Live events or even some deep YouTube diving could literally be eye-opening.

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Could a close relationship benefit from a little recalibration in the give-and-take department, Taurus? Any connection that feels a little off to you can be righted this Friday as the Scorpio quarter moon aims its balancing beams into your partnership zone. Everyone gets tunnel vision sometimes, and even solid unions can get out of whack when you spend too long on autopilot and don’t air both small grievances AND exciting visions for the future. (Then one day you wake up and realize you’re drifting apart.) This seductive, intensifying quarter moon provides the perfect opportunity to request a heart-to-heart, and be sure to keep the dialogue in that spirit. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, but how you can get back in sync. When it comes to patience, yours is the most legendary of the zodiac, but when it runs out, look out world! But before you explode over a perceived issue, look within. What role if any have you been playing that may have contributed to this imbalance? Have you, for instance, been tolerating (or trying to ignore) someone’s bad behavior? You need to own your role in that. Then, it may be up to you to pull the plug on this dysfunctional dynamic. And if the other party is your other half, well, you’ll have some molten-hot makeup sex to look forward to.

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