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The Love Island All Stars Link To Past Series That You Missed

Love Island: All Stars has seen the likes of Arabella Chi, Joanna ChimonidesMolly SmithGeorgia SteelGeorgia Harrison, Callum JonesAnton Danyluk and more return to the show that made them famous for a second chance at love.

It soon became clear there were a lot of exes and former connections revisited as veteran Islanders came together for the first All Stars.

But it’s not just exes that these contestants have shared, they’re also sharing outfits after eBay became the official sponsor in 2022, a partnership encouraging the Islanders to re-wear and share outfits curated by eBay’s Pre-Loved Style Director Amy Bannerman.

For All Stars, they’re also re-wearing outfits seen on Islanders in past series – you may have noticed Liberty Poole in the red Jean Paul Gaultier co-ord that Tasha Ghouri wore in season eight.

We spoke to Amy to find out more about how this season’s outfits were selected and how she comes up with the themes for the shared wardrobe that all the Islanders have access to in the villa which this time around is full of outfits past Islanders have worn.

She told us: “Before, we did more traditional trends so we could group the clothes into sections but this season I did seasons past, so it’s everything that’s been worn and re-worn by Islanders in past seasons and there’s more and more of that now as they’ve been sharing across the seasons. And then best of British which has been focusing on designer and high street British brands.

Amy added: “The British fashion industry is second to none and it’s really nice to be able to collect pieces like Westwood, pieces from McQueen – those amazing brands they never would have had access to.”

The stylist said she meets some of the Islanders before they head into the villa, to understand what it is they’d like to wear.

She continued: “I do meet some of them at the beginning and I have a very short time with them and kind of understand what it is they’re looking for. And the genius thing is about eBay is whatever it is they want, or that they like, or those really obscure brands, or a certain style of trouser, we can find it almost immediately. So that’s been really great that we can be really reactive.”

“So this time, when the wardrobe has grown when they were saying [things like] ‘I love cargo trousers’ we’re not just going to buy more for the sake of it, we have all of that covered.”

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Of that Jean Paul Gaultier co-ord Amy said: “I’ve really loved the whole process of finding the things, like the red Gaultier co-ord; Liberty wore it the other day but it was also worn by Tasha.”

The shared wardrobe for the Islanders is all ‘brands for less’ or ‘designers for less’, as well as ‘imperfect’ items which simply have a small mark or scuff, meaning they can’t be sold at full

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