The Most Ridiculous Popcorn Buckets Ranked By How Much We Want To Eat Out Of Them

The “Barbie” movie pretty much saved movie theaters in 2023, and it didn’t do so with ticket sales alone. Some AMC screenings of the movie were advertised as a “Barbie Blowout Party,” which attracted moviegoers in costume who received posters, got pool floaties for their drinks, and had a surprising amount of merch available for purchase at the theater. The holy grail for attendees, though, was the collectible pink Corvette popcorn holder, a wildly impractical item that nonetheless fit right in amidst a colorful and camp-friendly audience (thus breaking the “cars are bad popcorn holders” rule).

While the convertible may not fit a ton of popcorn, it could fit an actual Barbie (seated sideways) or a mini Chelsea/Kelly doll if you want to flaunt the rules of the road. It’s also a great callback to one of the Mattel-owned franchise’s most enduring accessories, as Barbie toys have come with Corvettes for several decades now. The collectible is a clever nod to the thrilling feeling of picking out a pricier-than-expected toy and actually having your parents say yes for once. At their best, collectibles are a source of joy that remind adults of childhood while also meeting them where they are today. Just as the “Barbie” movie did that for so many people, so did the chance to own the Barbie car of our dreams.

Plus, even though gendered marketing sucks, this is far and away the best official popcorn collectible to date that was blatantly marketed to girls. It blows uninspired or impractical designs for “The Little Mermaid” and “Trolls Band Together” out of the water, and no doubt has a place of honor on the mantle — or in the toy box — of viewers of all ages.

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