Titanic 4K UHD (1997)

Thank you very much! I noticed that the music had been boosted, especially the second half of the movie. There’s one instance where it covers up a small line from Jack once they make it to the poop deck.

I think the score blends in very well on the 5.1 mix, which makes me wonder why they decided to put it in the overheads instead of extending the foley effects for a more immersive experience without becoming a distraction. The sound mixing during the Jack and Lovejoy deleted scene is my favorite go to when it comes to showing of my set-up.

The first funnel losing its guy wires before collapsing and the cart rolling downhill and crashing into the wall of the smoking room have perfect placement in both the front and left surround channel.

This is the one movie that would make me want to upgrade my equipment for Atmos, though it seems like I’ll wait a little longer. I don’t mean to come across as someone that dislikes subtlety, I just think Cameron would’ve taken a little more advantage of the extra speaker placement for maximum affect. My nearest Dolby Cinema didn’t play it last year for its 25th, so I never had the opportunity to hear it for myself. It bummed me out.

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