US says Arunachal Pradesh is part of India, amid Indo-China tensions

By Kanishka Singh and Daphne Psaledakis

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government recognizes Arunachal Pradesh as part of India and “strongly opposes” any unilateral attempts to advance territorial claims in the northeastern Indian state that shares a border with China, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday.


Nuclear-armed neighbors China and India share a 3,000-km (1,860 mile) frontier, much of it poorly demarcated.


China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of southern Tibet. New Delhi rejects the claim, saying Arunachal Pradesh has always been a part of India. India’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday that China was making “absurd claims” over Arunachal Pradesh, adding that it will always be an “integral and inalienable part of India.”

“The United States recognizes Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory and we strongly oppose any unilateral attempts to advance territorial claims by incursion or encroachments, military or civilian across the Line of Actual Control,” a State Department spokesperson said in a press briefing.


At least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers were killed in 2020 in clashes along their border in the western Himalayas.

The militaries of both countries have fortified positions and deployed extra troops and equipment along the border since those clashes. Both sides fought a border war in 1962.

In recent years, analysts have noted that the U.S. and India have advanced bilateral ties to counter the rising influence of China in the Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

The U.S. and China have had tense relations of their own for years over issues like trade tariffs, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, human rights, Taiwan and China’s national security law in Hong Kong, among others.

(Reporting by Kanishka Singh and Dapnhe Psaledakis in Washington; Editing by Josie Kao)

The executive director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, was shot Tuesday as federal agents arrived at his home to serve a search warrant, police said.

Bryan Malinowski, 53, the airport’s executive director, was injured during a firefight after 6 a.m. as Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents arrived.

He “was injured with gunshot wounds and treated on scene by paramedics before being transported to a local hospital,” Arkansas State Police said in a statement, adding that his condition was unknown as of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

One ATF agent received what police called a “non-life-threatening gunshot wound” and was also taken to a hospital, police said.

Malinowski’s older brother, Matthew Malinowski, 55 of Pennsylvania, was at his bedside Wednesday and said he didn’t know whether his brother would survive.

“We don’t know if he’s going to make it in the next 24 hours,” Matthew Malinowski told NBC News by phone in his first public comments. “He was shot in the head.”

Matthew Malinowski said his brother was on life support and doctors haven’t performed surgery “because they don’t think he’s gonna make it.”

He said Bryan Malinowski collected guns and other weapons, as well as coins, lived in an upper-middle class suburb and earned $253,000 a year.

“When someone makes that much money, there’s no incentive to do anything wrong,” the brother said. “He has so much to lose.”

Shea De Bruyn, a neighbor, told NBC News’ affiliate KARK of Little Rock that she was woken by five or six loud bangs.

“My heart was racing and the dogs were barking.” she said. “I’m just really curious as to what was going on just a few houses down.”

Neighbors also told KARK that on Tuesday evening they saw guns and ammunition being loaded onto a trailer, while firefighters carried a circular saw, crowbars and other tools into the house.

Matthew Malinowski said his brother met with Arkansas senators last week in Washington for official airport business.

“That tells you the circles he’s running in,” the older brother said.

The state police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the case

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