Vinod’S Office: Bhagyalakshmi: Bhagya visits Vinod’s office

In the latest episode of Bhagyalakshmi, Bhagya confronts Cheliyan about his suspicious behaviour at the hospital. She expresses her concern and tells him that she feels something is wrong. Bhagya then goes home and informs Ishwari about a new cooking contract she is pursuing. Ishwari congratulates her and expresses her desire to see Radhika, their rival, humiliated.

Ramamurthy questions Bhagya
Ishwari suggests that they keep Jeni at her mother’s house for a few days before bringing her back home.

Ramamurthy questions Bhagya about the urgency of bringing Jeni home, but Bhagya insists that something is not right with Cheliyan’s actions. Bhagya also shares her observations, and Ramamurthy agrees that he has noticed something strange as well.

Amrita happily agrees
Meanwhile, Nila playfully interacts with a newborn baby, and Ezhil falls in love with the child. Ezhil asks Amrita if they can have a child of their own, and Amrita happily agrees.

Bhagya visits Vinod’s office to discuss the cooking contract
Bhagya visits an office to discuss the cooking contract, which happens to be Gopi’s friend Vinod‘s father-in-law’s office. Gopi sees Bhagya there and realizes her intentions. She manipulates her friend Vinod to sabotage Bhagya’s chances of getting the contract.

When the contract is handed to Bhagya, Gopi ruins it and confronts Bhagya and Selvi outside. She declares that Bhagya will never get another contract in the city and vows to make sure of it. The episode ends on this dramatic note.

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