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Voters got a call from Joe Biden telling them to skip the New Hampshire primary. It was fake.

MANCHESTER, N.H. – The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is investigating a fake robocall that uses President Joe Biden’s voice to try to dissuade Democratic voters from participating in the state’s primary on Tuesday.   

Multiple voters received the artificially generated message on Sunday night, telling them: “Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.” The call also included the personal phone number of Kathy Sullivan, a key leader in the effort encouraging Democrats to write in Biden’s name on the ballot.

“We know there are anti-democratic forces out there who are terrified by the energy of this grassroots movement to stop Donald Trump, but New Hampshire voters will not stand for any efforts to undermine our right to vote,” Sullivan said in a statement about the deepfake.  

A former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair, Sullivan is now running a super PAC supporting the broader write in effort to help reelect Biden. She was one of the first Democratic leaders in the state to rally around the president after he announced that he would not appear on the primary ballot last fall.

In a phone call with USA TODAY, Sullivan said she felt “disgust” and “disbelief” over the fake robocall and her personal information being leaked.

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