Wang Yi calls for green transformation around Trans-Himalaya region

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi on Thursday called for speedy green transformation around the trans-Himalaya region in pushing for sustainable economic development of the area.

Wang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, made the remarks at the third China Xizang Trans-Himalaya Forum for International Cooperation held in Nyingchi, southwest China’s Xizang Autonomous Region.

Since the launch of the forum, China has engaged in extensive and in-depth cooperation with the countries in the region, continuously forging cooperative consensuses and actively supporting green development, which has played an important role in promoting the economic and social development of the region and in improving the management of the ecological environment, said Wang.

He noted that as countries in the trans-Himalaya region are geographically linked, share similar cultures and are bound by a common future, they have highly similar views on ecological protection and are partners in the process of modernization. China is willing to work with these countries to share the historic opportunities for development and build a community with a shared future with them, contributing to the prosperity, stability and environmental protection of the region and the world, he added.

Wang put forward a five-point proposal for deepening cooperation in the next phase. First, he said all parties should adhere to mutual respect and trust, jointly maintain regional unity, and work hand in hand to build the region into a family with harmony and solidarity.

Second, he urged them to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and build a trans-Himalaya ecological civilization circle.

He also called for joint efforts to accelerate green transformation to facilitate the sustainable economic development of the region, strengthen connectivity to promote regional integration, and enhance exchanges and mutual understanding to bring ancient civilizations to life.

Noting today’s Xizang has become one of the regions with the best environmental quality in the world, Wang stressed that on the new journey of advancing Chinese modernization, Xizang will get continued support in creating a national ecological civilization highland with high standards and quality, further deepening international exchanges and cooperation in the field of ecological protection, and keeping its sky blue, water clear and lands clean.

The forum, which runs from October 4 to 6, has attracted representatives from more than 40 countries, regions and international organizations, who held in-depth discussions on ecological and environmental protection, development cooperation and other topics.

During a meeting with the foreign representatives on Thursday, Wang told them about Xizang’s development miracle of a “thousand-year leap” under the leadership of the CPC and said that China welcomes friends from all over the world to come to Xizang to witness the great achievements of its economic and social development, the happy life of people of all ethnic groups, and the real situation that its culture is perfectly inherited and protected.

The facts will prove that lies fabricated by some Western forces about Xizang are untenable, which will be destroyed in the face of the truth, Wang stressed.

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