What happens to my internet if I move?

Think about your internet connection: How many aspects of life would be in turmoil if your internet suddenly went kaput? Now imagine that in the context of a hectic move from one home or apartment to another. If that sounds distinctly not fun, the good news is this: Transferring your internet service can be quick and easy, so long as you tackle the issue at the right time.

Your internet service provider wants you to keep your same great internet plan, so it’s not difficult to get in touch online or by phone for help when moving. This is your chance to go over details like whether or not you need a new contract (depending on coverage at your new address) or a new router for faster connection speeds.

If you want to avoid gaps in internet coverage when moving, here’s everything you’ll want to take care of when it comes to your internet.

What happens to my internet if I move?

Transferring your internet when moving can be quick and easy. Let’s go through some of the questions you may have about your internet — and what you should do with it — when moving to a new house or apartment below.

When do I set up internet for my new address? 

Timing is key when transferring your internet to a new home or apartment. If you’re transferring service (see below for more info), get in touch with your internet service provider as soon as possible. Calling or chatting with a representative online two to four weeks before your move-in date gives you time to iron out any kinks in the process of transferring internet service, double-checking devices like modems and routers, and timing your new service activation to avoid any gaps.

You might want to pick one of two options for setting up internet at your new address: move-in day or a few days before. If you can coordinate with your provider to have new internet service activated or installed before you move, this can make things a lot easier on the penultimate day. 

Of course, this requires two things: disconnecting your old service early and having access to your new home or apartment prior to the big move. That’s because you’ll need to find the right spot for your modem and Wi-Fi router and figure out if your new home has a fiber optic cable, coax, phone lines, or an already configured wireless connection. Your internet service provider will help you connect the dots (or, OK, cables) to add or transfer service based on the connection in your new address.

If you’re moving into an apartment where someone else is moving out around the same time, you may not be able to plan for a transfer of service before move-in day. That might mean a bit of extra work on day one, but it’s still better than being stuck without internet for a few days.

How do I transfer my internet service when moving?

Getting your internet connection up and running at a new location doesn’t have to be a big headache. Most internet service providers make it easy to transfer broadband service when you move, but this requires a few things:

  • Access to your internet service provider at your new address
  • Reaching out to your ISP at least two weeks prior to moving

If your internet service provider isn’t available at your new place, you’ll likely need to look around for a new one. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You may find deals or services that were unavailable at your old location; it’s always worth a double check. Otherwise, some internet services let you transfer service online. 

If your internet service provider is listed below, you can get help transferring service by calling or going directly to their websites for instructions (links provided):

Can I keep my internet when moving?

With some planning ahead (and a bit of luck), you can sometimes keep your same internet when moving to a new home or apartment. The first thing to do is notify your current internet service provider well in advance — think, two to four weeks, at least — to make sure there are no gaps in coverage when you move. 

Next is where luck comes in; if your new address falls within your internet service provider’s coverage area, then bingo! You can take care of any important steps before you move, such as: 

  • Making an appointment with a technician to set up service at your new location
  • Making sure your new home or apartment is wired for said service, if it wasn’t previously (an ISP rep will help you figure this out).
  • Setting a transfer date with your internet service provider, so there are no gaps on move-in day
  • Making sure your current internet modem and router are working properly — if you need (or want) a faster router, for example, now is the time to order one through your internet service provider

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