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“Worst Team on the Grid”: F1 Fans Ruthlessly Bash “Unfair” Blow to Logan Sargeant as Alex Albon Gets the Favour

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The Australian Grand Prix weekend has been marked by controversy as Williams has decided to sideline Logan Sargeant in favor of Alexander Albon. As a result, the team has attracted a lot of criticism on social media. The drama started when Albon found himself in an unfortunate situation during Friday’s first free practice session, crashing his car and needing a chassis change.

Despite coming out unharmed from the crash, Albon was unable to participate in the second Free Practice session as the team analyzed the damage to his car. Unfortunately, the damage was considered too extensive to continue using the chassis for the rest of the weekend. With the lack of a spare chassis, Williams made the call to hand Sargeant’s car over to Albon, effectively ending the American driver’s race weekend.

Team Principal James Vowles admitted the difficulty of the situation, stating the intense midfield battle as the reason behind their decision. “While Logan should not have to suffer from a mistake that he did not make, every race counts when the midfield is tighter than ever, so we have made the call based on our best potential to score points this weekend,” said Vowles as per motorsport.com. However, his words did little to calm the outraged fan base, who saw the move as a harsh and unfair blow to the American driver.


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Even Alexander Albon admitted that no driver would willingly give up their seat but said that he would do his best to better the team’s potential for the weekend. Sargeant, on the other hand, described the experience as the hardest moment of his racing career but said that he is willing to help the team in any way possible.

Williams blamed for making the ‘most unfair decision in sporting history’

The update was shared on X by formularacers and immediately attracted the attention of the F1 community, who didn’t hold back in thoroughly bashing the team.

One particularly fierce reaction labeled Williams the worst team on the grid, reflecting the rage felt by fans who believe the team’s actions were unjustified and harmful to the sport’s integrity

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