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Yacht reportedly built for Bezos too big for Dutch bridge

Worcester City Hall will fully reopen, boards and commissions can return to in-person sessions and the activities at the senior center will resume beginning on Feb. 14.

City Manager Edward

Augustus Jr. announced during a COVID-19 briefing on Friday that he is only extending an executive order that he announced in January by one week. The order, which was set to expire Feb. 6, restricts access to city buildings by appointment only, required commission, boards and councils to meet virtually and limited programs at the senior center.


said after the extension, the order will expire Feb. 14.

The announcement came as Augustus also said the is asking the Board of Health on Feb. 7 to rescind the city’s mask mandate beginning on Feb. 18.

Augustus announced

946 new COVID cases from last Friday. There were 121 new cases since Thursday. The seven-day average in the city is 135.1, which is less than half where cases were last week. Last year’s peak was 200.

The city’s vaccination rate is 60%, which is lower than the state average of about 76%. The rate of boosted residents is 43%, Augustus said.

The city employee

booster mandate went into effect this week and 60% of employees received their booster, Augustus said. Another 19% are fully vaccinated but are not yet eligible for the booster.

Four percent of city employees have opted not to get a booster and submit to weekly tests. They join 12% of the city workforce who are submitting to weekly tests.

Augustus said 95% of the city’s workforce is compliant. Of the remaining 5%, Augustus said 4% are exempt and 1% are noncompliant.

On Tuesday, Transformative Healthcare announced that it received a contract from the city to manage its COVID vaccine compliance policy as well as track testing for more than 7,000 employees.

A man wanted in connection to the killing of a Framingham man has died in California, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announced Friday.

Eugene Sutton, Jr. of Framingham died on Jan. 31, 2022, in West Anaheim, California, officials said.

When officers arrived, they found the victim dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

The autopsy showed Hargrett had been fatally shot in the head. The death was ruled a homicide.

Further investigation revealed that the Hayes Street home was operating as a rooming house and that the victim was not a resident there, but was located in a room of someone he knew, authorities said.

Prior to his death, police claim that Eugene and Aaron Sutton had a phone conversation with Hargrett where they agreed to meet at Hayes Street. The three men entered the residence and soon after witnesses reported hearing a gunshot. Aaron and Eugene Sutton took off from the scene after the shooting, police said Yacht.

Authorities said they found a firearm similar to the one used in the killing located where Eugene Sutton had reportedly traveled after the alleged shooting. A preliminary investigation also accused Aaron and Eugene Sutton of robbing Hargrett of money and other items.

Reports this week that the Dutch city had already agreed to take apart the recently renovated Koningshaven Bridge, known locally as De Hef, sparked anger. On Facebook, locals are proposing to pelt the yacht with rotten eggs when it passes through Yacht.

Many Rotterdam residents are still concerned.

“I think it’s easy to understand why it’s so controversial because this is a very beautiful, recently restored old bridge,” said Lizette Touber. “It really is our heritage

The municipality declined to comment on who owns the yacht in question or identify the shipbuilder. An email sent to Amazon seeking comment went unanswered Yacht.

Public protests spared it from demolition and it eventually underwent a three-year renovation that ended in 2017.

Ton Wesselink, chairman of a Rotterdam historical society, feared that a decision to allow one yacht through the bridge could set a precedent for others.

“The thing we don’t want is that this yacht issue will open the possibility for shipbuilders to use it the same way,” he said in an email to AP.

But there were voices of support for the proposal.

“I think it’s fine. Let Bezos pay a high price. It creates work. I only see upsides,” said Rotterdam resident Ria van den Vousten. don’t complain. Don’t talk, but act, as we say in Rotterdam,” she added.


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