Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar actor Sangram Samel meets wife after 9 months, says, “she stayed strong during ups and downs”

Actors often find themselves navigating a demanding schedule that sometimes requires them to be away from their loved ones for extended periods. Sangram, known for his portrayal of Shankar Maharaj in the show ‘Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar,’ recently experienced the joy of reuniting with his wife after a challenging nine-month separation.

Sangram Samel, who plays the lead role of Shankar Maharaj in the show, shared a touching post on his social media account, expressing his gratitude and love for his wife.He praised his wife for her resilience, noting that she stayed strong through all the twists and turns of their journey.
The post read, “A warm welcome after 9 months of a long-distance relationship, 9 months staying away from the family, 9 months of ups and downs. She stayed strong on all the twists and turns. I am truly blessed I love you We missed you here @sanjivanisamel @ashoksamel i love you #family #home #love.”
The show ‘Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar’ is a platform for Sangram to showcase his acting prowess as he steps into the shoes of the revered Shankar Maharaj. The program not only celebrates the life and teachings of Shankar Maharaj, who was a prominent saint known not only in Maharashtra but also across the world, but it also highlights his diverse experiences and recognition by devotees from various places, each with different names. The show promises to bring these Lilas (divine actions) to the forefront, providing viewers with an insightful look into the saint’s spiritual journey.
Sangram Samel’s dedication to his role as Shankar Maharaj is evident not only in his on-screen performance but also in his ability to empathize with the challenges faced by those in long-distance relationships.
As ‘Yog Yogeshwar Jay Shankar’ continues to captivate audiences with its portrayal of the saint’s life and spiritual impact.

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